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Feiyr goes Leipziger Buchmesse 2020
We are already in the midst of preparations for the Leipzig Book Fair and are looking forward to all the great encounters and conversations.

Do we already know each other personally? Or would you like to discuss your new project with us? Then get in touch with us and we will arrange an appointment so that we can find ...
Your Spotify Release on Snapchat and Facebook Stories
Spotify has recently launched two new social features, in order to share your songs more easily on social media platforms.

With only one click fans and artists can share customized posts featuring any song, album, playlist, artist page or podcast to Facebook Stories and Snapchat. If your content is shared, users can tap on the post and are forwarded to Spotify to have a better look at it.

The Snapchat integration ...
Discokraft: Keller Steff's New Party Hit
His songs "Kaibeziang" and "Narrisch" have cult status with his fans. And his new single "Discokraft" is on its way there. With new, unusual beats "Discokraft" is a real party hit.

Keller Steff is known for his songs in Bavarian dialect. The latest song may be different, but of course it remains true to his trademark.

"Discokraft" is available worldwide on all well...
Two New Feiyr Shop Partners: Beatsource & Nextory
We are welcoming two new shop partners in our distribution network: Beatsource & Nextory

Beatsource (for Music)
Beatsource is a joint venture between DJcity and Beatport to have a home for the global open-format and mobile DJ community. They have more than 35 years of experience to help create the next generation of DJ tools. Beatsource consists of three different key pieces:

- a new highly ...
Deadlines Delivery eBooks, Audiobooks and Radio Plays
As every year our partner shops in the branch "eBooks, audiobooks and radio plays" will again pause the distribution of products with release dates around Christmas and New Year. Please therefore plan the release dates accordingly.

All eBooks which should be published before Christmas or at the turn of the year must be completely created and published in your Feiyr account by Monday, Dece...
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