How much remuneration will I receive?

In general it depends on each portal as well as on its offers, on the country where your eBook is sold and on the currency.

In the following you will find a sample calculation:

10,99 € Gross retail price

-2,09 € *19% VAT

-2,67 € *About 30% fees depending on the portal

6,23 € Net-revenue payout to Feiyr

-0,62 € 10% Feiyr

5,61 € Your remuneration (90% of the net-revenue)


Your remuneration is calculated based on the German value added tax rate of 19% per sold eBook. If your book is sold in another country the VAT can differ, this will affect your remuneration.


The in the example mentioned distribution costs are an average value, this value can vary deepening on the portal.
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